Lost Sales / Re-Engage

Connecting With A Missed Sales Opportunity And Converting It Into An Incremental Sale

Customer Contact That provides a measurable, business advantage.

100% of a retailer’s sales process decisions are usually made on the basis of the actions of 20% of its consumer traffic; those being the individuals who’ve interacted with that business and then go on to buy. The 80% who don’t purchase or buy elsewhere, are, largely ignored. Direct Affinity Europe have years of experience in this area, helping retailers reengage with enquiries that have been tagged as a “lost sale”. And results to date have been staggering. For one group with whom we worked, over a 6 months period, from 98,830 “lost sales” records it was found that:

  • 33% re-engaged via completion of a sales experience questionnaire
  • 18.6% (6,169) of those wanted a call back from a manager within the business they had visited
  • 18% (5,831) also went on to buy.

This was from a pool of enquirers marked as being “lost” to that business…

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