If you’re concerned you’re missing enquiries and your loss is someone else’s gain – don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Are you looking for someone to pick up calls when you can’t make it to the phone? Or perhaps out of business hours when your customers are home and looking at your website? Maybe your existing customer service teams just needs some overflow support at peak times?

Whatever your requirement big or small we can help and do so in a way that really adds something to your business. In fact, in a recent test with a B2C brand that depended on taking appointments, we actually increased their conversion to sale by 6% adding a significant sum to their bottom line, all whilst delivering a customer experience totally in line with their brand standards.

We’ve got an established pedigree working with businesses across a wide variety of sectors and verticals, dealing with a range of business challenges:

“Direct Affinity Europe have helped us secure long-term new contracts in the crucial early stages of our branch openings – I would recommend them to any size business looking to grow sales and make new connections.”

Rachel Evans – MARKETING MANAGER – Jacksons Fire and Security

Whatever your business challenge with our 3D PROCESS we can help you detect the problem, diagnose the issue and then deploy a solution using our tools.


For us outcomes matter most, we don’t aim to just take your calls within SLA, we aim to delight your customers and generate you more revenue. We have developed a range of services that deliver on this promise each and every time.

Our hugely experienced BDC contact centre team are always on hand to handle your calls to your exact requirements for a sensible and transparent cost per call. We can handle your calls out of hours or just as a fall back. Don’t need us to answer for you? That’s fine too.

Digital Enquiry Management

We can turn your digital enquiries into calls to your team within 60 seconds, so you can connect with that customer before they have a chance to go elsewhere.

Out of Hours Call Handling

For many B2C businesses, the busiest time of the day for their website is after the in-house team has gone home for the day. We help you generate business advantage by being there for your customers when you can’t.

Our Operating Hours:

Monday – Friday: 8:30am to 7:00pm
Saturday: 9am to 6pm
Sunday: 9am to 5pm
That’s over 90 hours per week of cover!

Outbound Sales Campaigns

We make over 7.5 million outbound calls per year, to around 2.4 million prospective customers. On average we set over 100,000 appointments with a 40% sales rate per annum.

We work across sectors covering everything from utility companies through to football clubs, using our experience and insight from in high engagement consumer journeys to innovate in sectors where, traditionally, there’s been less attention paid to the quality and the content of the contact.

Find out, for example what we did for Lincoln City FC recently when we took on a supporter engagement piece around their own lottery, while also cleansing their data base.

Overflow Call Management

Whether you have a group of busy franchisees that need support answering customer calls, or a contact centre that needs to deliver more volume and certain times we can help.

A few words from our clients

Murphy – MANAGING DIRECTOR – The Wheel Specialist

“No one can afford to lose an enquiry and we can now demonstrate that the service Direct Affinity Europe offers, has a marked and positive impact in terms of a quicker response and a better quality of experience for our customers while boosting conversion by at least 6% and generating more revenue for our sites. It’s a win for us, it’s a win for our franchise holders and most importantly of all, it’s a win for our customers.”