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Aftersales Plus

Turn Your ‘Red’ Aftersales Opportunities Into Dynamically Scheduled Leads

Optimise Aftersales Opportunities

Retailers are great at converting “red” aftersales opportunity into ramp time and parts sales, however, that is not the case with “amber” work.

The resultant lost profit opportunity is in excess of £200 per customer. This is largely down to a lack of rigorous and systematic follow-up of “amber” customers.

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Interested In Generating Business Advantage?

We can take on this task and re-engage these customers for you and can even build our scheduling dynamically around your service bay availability to help you optimise the utilization of your aftersales capacity.
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They say “a bad workman blames his tools” well even he’d struggle to find fault here. We’ve developed a toolbox that contains everything required to DETECT, DIAGNOSE and DEPLOY solutions to your business issues at any point in the customer journey. All are well-proven drivers of success and all are underpinned by our cutting-edge GENBA software designed for high-volume “always-on” telephony and digital connectivity and transparent tracking and analytics. This is all backed up with our class-leading outsourced BDC in Tenerife and accompanying expert consultancy service.

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