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Never miss an enquiry

Turn your digital traffic into leads in less than 60 seconds. The easy and highly cost-effective way to maximise all of your sales opportunities.

Our software can have prospects and customers connected to you (or us) in less than 60 seconds from the point they press the button. This means your customers get a great experience quickly without the need to wait for a call back.

GENBA in Numbers

250+ Clients

100,000+ Contacts Per Month

1 million+ Next Actions Generated

2.5 million+ Calls Per Year 

Intelligent consumer connection

Customers have more ways than ever before to contact you digitally and more of them have got used to doing so. This is a good thing in terms of more leads and enquiries but it changes the contact handling response ecosystem.

Consumer intolerance to poor responsiveness has been magnified. They’ve interacted with more platforms from more companies than ever before and as a result has seen what can be achieved, as such they’re more discerning and less tolerant of slow, low-quality response.

The All-New GENBA Technology Platform

Our new advanced, software GENBA, is our Generator of Business Advantage. This is the engine for our business (and yours) that delivers the right contact, with the right person at the right time, right across the Customer Journey, including Prospect Engagement, Customer Re-Engagement and Pro-Active After Sales Contact.

GENBA is a SaaS-based, omni-channel sales acceleration and conversion platform. It converts phone calls, website visits, CRM and email leads into telephone calls and text, using call-back technology and intelligent call routing. It also incorporates a triggered email, SMS and social media platform feature to ensure we can accommodate all contact and channel preferences; putting the consumer very much in the driving seat while improving their user experience.

The system also offers real time reporting, incorporating call recording to ensure we’ve got all the analytics bases covered.


They say “a bad workman blames his tools” well even he’d struggle to find fault here. We’ve developed a toolbox that well-proven drivers of success and all are underpinned by our cutting-edge GENBA technology designed for high-volume “always-on” telephony and digital connectivity along with transparent tracking and analytics. This is all backed up with our class-leading outsourced BDC team and accompanying expert consultancy service.

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A Strategic partner to your business.

At Direct Affinity Europe we’ve long believed that if we’re to add real, strategic value, it’s critical to get closer to our clients’ businesses and the issues they face. We’re trusted by many of our clients, across a number of sectors to represent their business to their customers, as an integrated part of their team.

To do this effectively we live and breathe what they do day in day out and try to look at things through the eyes of their customers and we think that makes us a bit different…

Slide We speak to more of our customers’ customers than they do!
20 million calls and contacts. 4 million customers engaged every year