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The All-New GENBA Technology Platform

Our depth of industry experience, approach to data, analytics, and insight has enabled us to further expand our offering. With our exciting new GENBA Technology Platform we’re changing the landscape once again.

The last 12 months have simply seen the ongoing march towards digitization accelerate when it comes to consumer interaction. Customers have more ways than ever before to contact you digitally and more of them have got used to doing so. This is a good thing in terms of more leads and enquiries but it changes the contact handling response ecosystem.

Consumer intolerance to poor responsiveness via the channel of their choosing has been magnified. They’ve interacted with more platforms from more companies than ever before and as a result has seen what can be achieved, as such they’re more discerning and less tolerant of slow, low-quality response.

The All-New GENBA Technology Platform

This is where the Direct Affinity Europe difference comes in. The GENBA platform drives the provision of our service, offering strategic advice and contact solutions right across the Customer Journey, including Prospect Engagement, Customer Re-Engagement and Pro-Active After Sales Contact.

At the core of things is our new advanced, software GENBA, our Generator of Business Advantage. This is the engine for our business (and yours) that delivers the right contact, with the right person at the right time.

GENBA is a SaaS-based, omni-channel sales acceleration and conversion platform. It converts phone calls, website visits, CRM and email leads to inbound sales contacts using instant call-back technology and intelligent call routing. It also incorporates a triggered email, SMS and social media platform feature to ensure we can accommodate all contact and channel preferences; putting the consumer very much in the driving seat’ and improving their user experience.

The system also offers real time reporting, incorporating call recording to ensure we’ve got all the analytics bases covered.

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