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Who we are

In a nutshell, we help companies speak to more people, more quickly and more often!

Through Voice to Voice communication, we connect our customers to theirs; at the right time, with the right person, conveying the right message, via the right channel. We do this using our unique combination of TEAM, TECHNOLOGY and TOOLS


In a digital-first world, when does a consumer transaction become that all-important consumer connection on any customer journey?


It’s when it gets personal and very often, we are that first physical, non-digital piece in the customer journey – after all, when you’ve finished your online search, the first thing most of us do is pick up the phone!

And no-one delivers on the “POWER OF PERSONAL” like Direct Affinity Europe.
We always focus on our customers’ customers to ensure that every contact they have with us is rewarding, useful and engaging. Focusing on quality not quantity has underpinned our success

We first opened our doors in 2012 and building on our experience in the Financial Services sector, we now provide Business Development Centre (BDC) services to a number of different sectors; building up experience in automotive retail, finance brokerage and utilities.
Uniquely we’ve got a 60-seat BDC in Tenerife that we opened in 2016 to take advantage of a skilled and motivated ex-pat work force, to complement our UK BDC team, based in our Head Quarters in the North West.

“In 2019 we made the decision to outsource our contact centre activity to Direct Affinity Europe. They are a trusted partner of the group and the work they have undertaken has given us a significant return on our investment. The quality of service is outstanding, the process and systems are seamless and the current results are network-leading on manufacturer KPI’s”

Divisional Director of one of our PLC clients

We Work Harder So You Don’t Have To

We focus on delivering the best outcomes for our clients.
ROI, KPIs, NPS and any other acronym you can think of, our business stands or falls on our ability to deliver a successful and robust output. And that output is determined by the input…

“The more you know, the more there is to find out”
We spend as much time getting under the bonnet of the problem, as we do developing the solution. Or as we put it to potential clients:
“If the solution appears obvious then there’s a very good chance that the problem isn’t, because if things were that easy, you would have fixed them already.”
That’s what makes us and our approach refreshingly different

1. Detect

We identify if there is a problem or opportunity

“You only know what you know!”

2. Diagnose

We seek to fully understand the root cause

Don’t just treat the symptom

3. Deploy

Only then do we initiate our combination of TEAM, TECHNOLOGY and TOOLS that will deliver genuine improvement

Direct Affinity Europe have worked with us from the introduction of our car-selling service. They’ve been a great partner, using their experience and 3D approach to help us shape our consumer journey, making it easy and enjoyable to use.

Joana Fernandes – Operations Director carwow

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Our Exciting New Platform, Where Value Is Created

Our depth of industry experience, approach to data, analytics and insight has enabled us to further expand our offering. With our exciting new GENBA Technology platform we’re changing the landscape once again.

The last 12 months have simply seen the ongoing march towards digitization accelerate when it comes to consumer interaction. Customers have more ways than ever before to contact you digitally and more of them have got used to doing so. This is a good thing in terms of more leads and inquiries but it changes the contact handling response ecosystem.

Consumer intolerance to poor responsiveness via the channel of their choosing has been magnified. They’ve interacted with more platforms from more companies than ever before and as a result have seen what can be achieved, as such they’re more discerning and less tolerant of slow, low-quality response.

This is where Direct Affinity Europe comes in. The GENBA platform drives the provision of our service, offering strategic advice and contact solutions right across the Customer Journey, including prospect engagement, customer re-engagement, and pro-active after sales contact.

We’re building on our market-leading position in the appointment generation space by getting ahead of the game where it matters; by ensuring your customers have the right conversations with the right people at the right time, via the right channel.

It’s All About The Three T’s


At the core of things is our new advanced, software GENBA, our Generator of Business Advantage. This is the engine for our business (and yours) that delivers the right contact, with the right person at the right time.


From strategy to execution, the Direct Affinity Europe line-up is made up of individuals with a diverse but complementary array of skills and attributes, all united by a passion for the customer journey and “doing the right thing for the consumer”.

Discover The Team


All our tools are well-proven drivers of success and all are underpinned by our cutting-edge GENBA software designed for high-volume “always-on” telephony and digital connectivity and transparent tracking and analytics. This is all backed up with our class-leading outsourced BDC in Tenerife and accompanying expert consultancy service.

A Strategic partner to your business.

At Direct Affinity Europe we’ve long believed that if we’re to add real, strategic value, it’s critical to get closer to our clients’ businesses and the issues they face. We’re trusted by many of our clients, across a number of sectors to represent their business to their customers, as an integrated part of their team.

To do this effectively we live and breathe what they do day in day out and try to look at things through the eyes of their customers and we think that makes us a bit different…

“The Place Where Value Is Created”

Slide We speak to more of our customers’ customers than they do!
20 million calls and contacts. 4 million customers engaged every year