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Connecting With A Missed Sales Opportunity And Converting It Into An Incremental Sale

Customer Contact That provides a measurable, business advantage.

  • Re connect missed sales opportunities with the leadership team at your business, creating measurableincremental sales.
  • Delivering an insights dashboard where the KPIs are driven by non-buyers (the majority of opportunities) not the minority of opportunities – the buyers!

On average we will transact with approximately 30% of  all your opportunities or prospects. The 70% who do not transact, don’t drop out  of the market.

They may well be considering other models, options, brands and even an increased budget. Our research has shown us that these missed opportunities welcome the opportunity to re-engage, but they don’t want to take the initiative of re-contacting with the business and perhaps appearing too keen. Our insight shows that on a sample of 3200 missed opportunities.

From a group with whom we worked, over a 6-month period, data was recorded from 98,830 records that had all been marked as ‘Lost Sales’

The Results To Date Have Been Staggering

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