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Digital Audit Programme

Do You Know What Is Happening To All The Leads You Generate At The Moment?

Commercially Valuable Insight On What’s Really Happening To Your Digital Enquiries

Do you know what is happening to ALL the leads you generate at the moment?

If the answer is no, task us to find out what is going on before generating any more. Our service provides a detailed insight into your digital enquiries, helping us to help you make the most out of every lead; resulting in better conversion, sales and ultimately profitability.

We wanted to focus on the digital enquiry path as part of a wider customer journey review. It was a valuable piece of commercial consultancy because it identified areas where our processes could be stronger, (and what we could do about it) as well as providing a useful guide for other areas where we could find incremental improvements, such as training.

BMW / MINI Group

Director, South West

Interested in Generating Business Advantage?

Not only can we quickly convert your digital enquiries into appointments, we can also use our digital enquiry insight process to provide you with multichannel insights on your digital lead management process, identifying which areas could be strengthened and where processes can be changed to increase conversion to sale.
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They say “a bad workman blames his tools” well even he’d struggle to find fault here. We’ve developed a toolbox that contains everything required to DETECT, DIAGNOSE and DEPLOY solutions to your business issues at any point in the customer journey. All are well-proven drivers of success and all are underpinned by our cutting-edge GENBA software designed for high-volume “always-on” telephony and digital connectivity and transparent tracking and analytics. This is all backed up with our class-leading outsourced BDC in Tenerife and accompanying expert consultancy service.

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