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Loyalty Plus

To Maintain Customer Relationships, It’s Critical To Operate A Two-Way Dialogue With Your Customers

Engaging Your Customers To Deliver An Increase In Whole Life Value

Central to that is an outbound communications plan that is relevant, valuable and timely for consumers. Too much outbound marketing is irrelevant, poorly timed or tin-eared in its responsiveness and leaves your customers feeling like “you only get in touch when you want to sell me something”. In other words, it can smack of poor quality and quality of service is the key battle ground now.

We offer a programme of diarised contact based around the most important and useful time-based touchpoints for consumers. A programme that will help you maintain high quality contact with your customers because they’ll value it.

In An AM Online Survey Quality Trumped Price As A Motivator For Consumer Recommendation

Slide We've Seen Renewals & Retention Increase By Over 40% With Scheduled Timely And Relevant Contact Via Loyalty Plus What’s Good For Your Customers Is Great For Your Business Too In Terms Of Retention, Whole Life Customer Value, Referral And Ultimately Profitability.

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