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Out Of Hours Plus

Never Miss A Call, Never Miss A Customer Who Wants To Speak To You

Our Call Handling Service Provides Vital Support

Have you ever lost a sale due to an out of hours enquiry losing interest or moving to your competitors because their enquiry was not answered quickly? We can make you available for your customers at a time convenient to them.

We engage with your customer before they have a chance to look elsewhere, delivering you more opportunities to connect with consumers. Customers can talk to a real person instead of leaving a voicemail, or worse-hanging up. We also always handle calls using your company’s identity, so that your callers will not be aware they have been re-routed to a third party. 

And because we have the technology to use numbers local to your business, we’ve found that consumers are becoming ever more likely to call “you” back when they’ve missed a call from us. Answering these inbound calls is all part of our service. In just one week we handled 7,000 such calls, with an average queue time of 5 seconds and over 9% of all inbound calls resulted in a successful reconnection with our clients.

Interested In Generating Business Advantage?

Go above and beyond for your customers and prospects to deliver a better experience, even outside regular working hours.
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