We’ve got a bit behind on taking photos of the team getting their employee of the month awards, so here’s a couple to keep us going (from Feb and March – well we said we had got a bit behind..).

Anyway, many, many congratulations to Sharon Edens (left) and Emma Barker (right) for all their hard work and dedication. They really have gone above and beyond to help us through, what has been a fantastically busy time.

Sharon is always the first to put her hand up to help, (usually at late notice) so has become that mainstay of her team whom we have all come to rely on. That she is also such a lovely person to work with is just the icing on the cake!

Emma is a recent returner post Lock Down, but to say she has got her eye back in quickly is a huge understatement, she was back for no time at all before she has became a regular fixture in our top 5 performers. What a complete natural!

Thank you so much both – we couldn’t do it without you.