If you had bought an F-Type Jaguar in March this year such as this one pictured, (unlike one member of the Direct Affinity Team who failed to take the plunge), you could well be sat on a car worth about £8,000 or 25% more now than it was then.

And according to Car Dealer Magazine in their latest report that you can read here it’s everything from MINI Coopers to Suzuki’s Jimney that continue to command strong residuals or even a premium over list price. In the case of the Suzuki – list was £17-£19K (in 2018)  and cars are retailing now in excess of £27K…

Across the board used cars will have seen an unprecedented 4 months of increase in values, driven by new car volume concerns, (down to parts supply on components such as semi-conductors) and consumers still wanting something new or different in lieu of a summer holiday for example, (hence the number of cabriolets and sports cars present in Car Dealer Magazine’s article).

It’s still a great time to buy though because consumers can cash in on their current vehicle (with the chance of some equity) and use that to lessen  their outlay on a more efficient new or newer vehicle with the latest tech. What’s more  with factors such as the October introduction of the ULEZ extension in London, now’s the best time to trade up to an EU6 compliant vehicle to avoid having to pay any nasty emissions charges!