We’re really pleased to say that Direct Affinity Europe will be taking part in Bangers4Ben 2022, running from the 8th to 11th of October.

We’ve just had details of the route and it’s pretty daunting as it winds its way through France into Monaco, with the return leg covering those bits of France that we missed out on the way down. Equally daunting is the “Banger” bit of the equation. This year the event’s theme is “Bond”. That’s right we need to source a Bond-related whip for the grand total of £750. We’re hoping that through our many trade contacts we might be able to source something vaguely suitable – a quick 20 minutes on Wiki has provided a shopping list that includes a BMW Z3, Alfas 156 or 159 or even a X350 XJ6 – well you’ve got to aim big haven’t you?

Failing that our Plan B consists of a £500 52 plate Primera with some DB5 badges artfully applied…

If you can help, we’d love to hear from you, alternatively if you’re just feeling benevolent, the link to our donation page is here