We’re proud to have worked with these great automotive brands and businesses and to be able to say they’re our clients.

Of the 48 retailer groups we work with, 65% of those are in the “2022 Automotive Management Top 100 Retailers”. What’s more 6 out of the top 10 are our clients, so it’s fair to say that we’ve worked hard to build our reputation, but the effort has been worthwhile:

“In 2019 we made the decision to outsource our contact centre activity to Direct Affinity Europe. They are a trusted partner of the group and the work they have undertaken has given us a significant return on our investment. The quality of service is outstanding, the process and systems are seamless and the current results are network-leading on manufacturer KPI’s”

Franchise Director – one of our PLC clients

We’re also official partner to a number of brands and National Sales Companies (NSCs) including Ford (GB).

“We see Direct Affinity Europe’s role as being hugely important in helping us. They are an extension of our team, who, are able to ask the right questions. They are key to the generation of incremental sales now and help us develop longer term strategies to improve our understanding of our customers and their needs”

 John Murray – CRM MANAGER – Ford GB

Driving Conversion and Loyalty

We work right across the retail automotive customer journey with a range of solutions that boost conversion Sales Drive and engender loyalty Aftersales Plus , Loyalty Plus.

Our GENBA platform is central to this and underpins ring strategic advice and contact solutions right across the Customer Journey, including Prospect Engagement, Customer Re-Engagement and Pro-Active After Sales Contact.

We’ve built a huge reputation for event-style Sales Drive activity but we’re now forging an equally enviable reputation for our work in Aftersales around customer booking and Red and Amber Programmes. Find out more on how we help our clients grow their aftersales opportunity and increase profitability here.